Developer Kaapeli47
Compatibility Zandronum
     Major Arlene 
Insanity Deathmatch

INSANITY DEATHMATCH is a multiplayer PK3 mod for the Zandronum sourceport of Doom. It features 50 total weapons of frantic and insane deathmatch massacre, 17 game changing powerups, 8 different armor pickups, and all the memes in the form of over 800 gibbing sounds, and 18 rare gibbing explosions! Spawns for weapons, ammo, health, armor and powerups are randomized, making each deathmatch game unique even on the same map! Insanity Deathmatch can be played on any Doom map for Deathmatch, Last Man Standing and Capture the Flag, works on Zandronum's Instagib and Buckshot modifiers, and also comes with its own modifier, Blade Mode, in which the players only use the Vorpal Blade melee weapon!