Developer Bauul
Compatibility GZDoom
Links  Major Arlene

The Elemental Gods have forsaken their duties, and the seal is breaking.  Soon the Formless One, aspect of Entropy and the devourer of the universe, will awaken.  You have one chance to destroy it, before all the cosmos is consumed...

Doomguy must travel to six dimensions in search of the Elemental Gods.  Once benevolent, they have now fallen to madness and decay, and the miasma of rot has invested their realms with evil.  Once each God is overthrown, Doomguy can use their Elemental Runes to unlock the dark prison of the 7th and most powerful Elemental God, the God of Entropy, and defeat it before it can escape.


- Large, exploration heavy maps, with a strong emphasis on environmental story-telling
- Detailed lore and history for every location and boss fight
- Episode-specific custom enemies and three new super-weapons to wield
- Gigantic, room-filling multi-stage boss battles
- Physically consistent map transitions with a dynamic hub system
- Beautiful, atmospheric maps filled with detail
- All while still feeling and playing like classic Doom

Phase 1, scheduled for release in 2022, will feature three 5-map episodes each taking place in a realm governed by a natural element: the Realm of Earth, the Realm of Water and the Realm of Fire.

The project is masterminded by Bauul, supported by a team of expert mappers and modders: Dragonfly, Bridgeburner56, Remmirath, Dreadopp, DMPhobos, Phade and Clay.  
The project also features an entirely new full-fidelity OST by seasoned composers Primeval, HexenMapper, HeavenWraith, Eris Falling and Speedy.