Developer Fission Ogre
Engine GZDoom
Relentless Frontier

Ross 128-B, a fresh new colony on the fringes of occupied space. Known for its beautiful red sun, volatile politics, and until recently, it's independence. Ross has just signed a pact with the Solar Dominion Forces out of desperation, offering economic control of their planet in exchange for a piece of the SDF's arsenal. Seems the planetary government has been having a hard time with a local energy cult, so the SDF is sending over a legion of expendable conscripts to test the waters.
You are Noah Gansky, a brilliant inventor doomed to Dominion servitude. Your prized invention, the Omnistruct, was capable of breaking down any matter into "Omnifuel", then using that matter to instantly build a physical copy of any object. Unfortunately, this invention was also responsible for the death and illegal replication of an oafish Dominion official. Now you're serving your life sentence as a soldier on the Penal Legion barge Procyon; your invention stolen, and your existence forgotten. Fortunately, the Procyon has just been called to deploy on a fringe planet to deal with some two-bit cult. This might be your chance to ditch the legion and go rogue.
On the way there, however, the barge gets a series of garbled distress calls from Ross. Panicked descriptions of hard-shelled creatures raining from the sky, ships being picked out of orbit by massive tendrils, and all ending with bloody screams. Abandoning some penal legion is one thing, but leaving these civilians to their deaths doesn't sit well with you. You grab your ramshackle Omni-blade and do some warm-up stretches as you prepare to board your drop pod.


Rapid combat with critical decision-making!
Your enemies are quick, lethal, overwhelming in number. Brute force may work, but using the right tool for the job is much more effective. Burn down a forest to keep swarming enemies at bay, detonate a demolition charge under a massive armored foe to sunder their defenses, or simply keep your opponents knocked down and stunned with a belt-fed automatic shotgun.

A versatile weapon selection; a tool for every problem!
Every weapon you find will be viable throughout your entire journey (Yes, even the pistol). Blast enemies at range with the powerful Enforcer magnum, keep 'em down with the Peacekeeper automatic shotgun, and then liquefy them with the triple-barreled Justice turbo-machinegun. If you're running low on ammo, switch to your Omniblade (or simply hit quick melee) to punish any enemies that get too close, and refill your Omnifuel reserves to boot!

A unique Omnistruct conversion and ability system!

Ran out of magnum rounds? Lacking in vigor? Maybe you just want to feel safe and armored? Noah's Omnistruct system has your back, with the ability to perform personal on-the-fly ammo/health/armor conversions. Simply keep it supplied with a steady stream of Omnifuel by finding pickups, or ethically farming it from your foe's bodies with your Omniblade.

Interconnected maps with multiple progression routes!
You've got a destination, and many ways to get there. If a direct force solution isn't working for you, use your wits to find a better vantage point, a route that avoids direct conflict, a secret cache of supplies, or any other myriad boon that can be rewarded by exploration.

Difficulty settings that do more than increase enemy health!
You have 3 difficulties to select from at the start, with each one changing enemy placement, environmental hazards, and even level progression! Higher difficulties don't just require quicker reflexes, they can also be conquered using strategy and exploration. Beating each episode gives you access to a new difficulty mode, which replaces conventional balance with a brutal progression.