Developer Xenaero et al
Compatibility Odamex

The Hordes of Odamex, or HORDAMEX for short, is a project aimed at the new Horde survival co-op game mode on the multiplayer-enabled Source Port Odamex!
How does Horde work?!
• Players spawn in and a round begins. You and your allies are besieged by monster waves on all sides!
• Pick up Supply Caches that are scattered throughout the map to gain weapons, ammo, and health!
• Monster waves are dynamic, drawing from a configurable text lump, from which waves are picked at random!
• Waves will increase in difficulty as the map goes on, however, once enough monsters in the wave have been felled...
• ...An empowered boss monster(s) appears! Eliminate the pain-resistant, fast-moving boss enemies in order to advance the round!
• Allies who get trashed are brought back to life in the next wave, or, if the horde wins, the map is over!
• You can also play Horde in single-player!