While we haven't quite made it to LA for Summer Games Fest this weekend, we had a really great time at the Indie FPS Summer Showcase, hosted by Zlimbratski.

First up, Relentless Frontier has an official Early Access date: July 17, 2024. Be sure to wishlist now and play the demo if you haven't yet!

Second, we've brought two new games into our family - COVEN and IVOR!

In COVEN, you play as a young girl in an alternate 1600's who was wrongly accused of witchcraft and burned at the stake. She's resurrected by an unknown force and seeks revenge. There's also the ability to eat testicles to regain health.

IVOR is a throwback FPS in which you play as Ivor, a skilled warrior who has been sealed in the tree of life for centuries. When he is suddenly awakened and released from the Tree, he takes up arms and fights against hordes of undead who now roam the world he once knew.

We also have Project Absentia and EXTRANEUM on sale at 35% off until June 12th, so be sure to get them if you haven't yet!