Developer  sharprocks
Engine Unreal

Sandsiah is a single player journey to reclaim the ravaged Golden City and purge the Djinn infestation. The game will be contained within this massive city and will explore many different environments: palaces, temples, factories, prison, mines and more. The setting is a world where steampunk tech shares the spotlight with magic, placed in a slightly Arabian inspired culture. Your character, the Fallen King, is a revenge bound, mechanical handed cripple, ice and fire spell slinger. There will be 10 large levels with many places to explore. Exploration will be essential to find the tools to upgrade your character. To battle you will have 6 different weapons with unlockable alt fire as well as many melee weapons and spells. Even your health items can be used to hurt your enemies. If you explore you will also find magical relics which add different gameplay mechanics. All weapons will have some type of environmental effect that will aid you on your journey. Spells will summon razor chains to harm you enemies, call forth blood tornados and even turn them into slugs. Sandsiah does not hold your hand. There will be no map or objective markers. The in-world UI will be as minimal as possible. Enemies will be placed in devilish ways. You can miss items and be forced forward. All that matters is to push forward. The enemies roster will contain mind controlled soldiers, sadistic gas troopers, powerful mages, flesh abominations, mechanical monsters and more.