Developer Nash Muhandes
Engine GZDoom
Store TBA

Darkadia will be a first person survival horror action/adventure game, developed using GZDoom.
Awakening in a strange house, players will join Shiona Chervinskaya as she struggles to unravel her predicament and more importantly, uncover a dark secret that haunts her past...


- Dark, gritty art style and voice acting
- In-game inventory menu to manage your supplies, read notes/memos, and more
- Readable, multi-page memos to collect containing vital clues to complete the game
- A "current objectives" display, as well as a dynamic journal book that updates itself as your progress through the story
- Puzzles and riddles akin to the point and click adventure games of the 90's
- 5 weapons planned
- Unsettling monsters to fight
- Survival horror elements with scarce supplies, but exploration will reward you with extra supplies
- Separate combat and puzzle difficulty
- Multiple endings