Developer Genghis Khan
Compatibility GZDoom
Links   Major Arlene

"Divine Frequency  takes place in a dystopian world where dreams and reality collides. Contents of the unconscious and the external world are integrated under an emerging constant, which gives rise to anomalies throughout the landscape. You will kill, explore, and confront the highest and deepest depth to transcend."

DF implements both classical and modern game design choices, the core gameplay revolves around exploration, methodical combat, gathering information, and intense boss fights. The inspiration comes from games such as Blood, System Shock 2, Darkest Dungeon, and Bloodborne.

Classical Features
- Carrying 8 weapons at the same time
- Each weapon have a purpose
- Absurd deaths
- Secrets
- Exploration
- Enemies with different behaviours and movesets.

Modern Features
- +1 Reloading
- An Inventory system for consumables
- Generic Survival elements (item rarity, enemies hitting hard, weights/carry limit)
- Dash mechanic
- Status Effects
- Weapons/Stats Upgrade
- Souls-like boss battles
- Varied enemies strengths and weaknesses